Work Requests in Beaverton

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Learn more about John's Waterproofing's recent work requests in Beaverton, OR
Vicinity of Sw Elm Avenue in Beaverton
We have a small crack in our foundation and it is seeping into our daylight basement. We need to repair before we sell
Vicinity of SW Rydell Pl in Beaverton
Looking for an estimate on vapor barrier replacement in our crawl space would also like to explore encapsulation pricing
Vicinity of SW Liz Pl in Beaverton
Wanting to explore the possibility of leveling and finishing our basement/crawl space.
Vicinity of S.W. Hialeah Pl. in Beaverton
We sit on a water table in Beaverton, insulation has beed shredded by wildlife, it takes 5 to 7 minutes to get how water in the 2 sinks downstairs. I would like to set up a time after the second week of january please
Vicinity of SW Division St in Beaverton
We have a partially finished basement that has had a few damaging incidents and is in need of shoring up and upgrading.
Vicinity of in Beaverton
Crawl space encapsulation
Vicinity of SW Thatcher Dr. in Beaverton
Water in crawl space, vapor barrier, duct insulation, sub-flooring insulation.
Vicinity of SW Wilson Ave in Beaverton
Vapor barrier needs replaced.
Vicinity of SW Hiteon Place in Beaverton
Water in crawlspace
Vicinity of SW Chestnut Ave in Beaverton
I had a drainage system and sump put in a couple of years ago and I just noticed some water seeping up through the downstairs bathroom tiles. Can someone please come over and look at this?
Vicinity of SW Longacre St in Beaverton
Need to install approx 600 sq ft of insulation into crawl space.
Vicinity of SW Hargis Road in Beaverton
My crawl space has missing vent screen(s) and rodent(s) ripped thru overhead insulation and ripped the black moisture barrier flooring. Much like your promo picture. Request inspection and quote. Thank you!
Vicinity of in Beaverton
Need my crawl space under house inspected. Planning on selling house and want it checked prior to putting on the market.
Vicinity of SW Wilson Ct in Beaverton
I represent buildings for our HOA board. One of our townhouses is being sold and the home inspection report has noted some crawlspace issues with support structure and the need for vapor barrier.
Vicinity of in Beaverton
Looking to fully insulate and waterproof crawl space
Vicinity of Sw Davis Rd in Beaverton
My foundation is sinking and I wanted to turn it from a traditional foundation to an adjustable one. I plan on in the future increasing the square footage of my home.
Vicinity of in Beaverton
Looking for a quote for crawl space encapsulation.
Vicinity of S.W. Chestnut Ave. in Beaverton
Crawlspace water during periods of heavy rain
Vicinity of SW Capri Ct. in Beaverton
I would like to (1) put a vapor barrier in my crawl space (6mil) ~1500sqft. (2) tack up insulation as needed (3) reset support beam that needs to be reset.
Vicinity of SW Red Rock CT in Beaverton
I live on a sloap. Its leaking. I had a engineer take test. I need a estimate on the repairs. Thanks.
Vicinity of SW Arbutus Dr. in Beaverton
Damp basement
Vicinity of SW Trigger Dr in Beaverton
Crawl space issues with insulation; mold; vapor barrier; rodent damage.
Vicinity of SW Fairfield St in Beaverton
Crawlspace damp/wet Please contact via email
Vicinity of in Beaverton
We are preparing the house for sale and i know that this will be an issue.
Vicinity of SW Morrison Street in Beaverton
Smell from crawl space
Vicinity of NW Blaze Terrace in Beaverton
Had a rodent issue just finished getting rid of them now need to replace vapor barrier and redo insulation
Vicinity of SW Rochester Drive in Beaverton
Standing water in crawlspace under the house. Would like to install sump pump. Looking also for quote on insulating floor of the house.
Vicinity of SW Commons Ct in Beaverton
I had a bathroom remodel on the main floor in August, and a month or so later the floor was coming up - apparently they had screwed into a water pipe and it was leaking into the crawl space. The bathroom has been put back together but I'd like to know what condition the crawl space is in... Thank you for your time, Shawna
Vicinity of SW Tarpan Dr in Beaverton
We are ready to have the other side of our houses foundation water proofed. Not a rush job just when your want to do it. This time I want a quote if you dig it or I do.
Vicinity of SW Hoodoo Ct in Beaverton
I have a crawl space that is relatively dry, but dirty and severely uneven. I'd like to look at encapsulating the space in order to use it for dry goods storage. The home is 15 years old. I'd like to get a quote on 1) leveling out the flooring, 2) replacing insulation, and 3) applying 12-20 mil liner with a dimpled underlayment. My primary concern is mold/mildew accumulation if I want to use this space for storage.
Vicinity of in Beaverton
Have 2 crawl spaces at 1 house that need sump installation
Vicinity of SW Thunderhead Way in Beaverton
Crawl space has rat droppings (no active) from previous rat invasion. House built in 1980, some areas show dirt. Area is dry.
Vicinity of SW Bridle Hills Drive in Beaverton
We have some areas of standing water (puddles) under house. Would like someone to come out and take a look; give us an idea of what the problem might be and how we could address it.
Vicinity of SW Hall in Beaverton
Would like to request an assessment asap.
Vicinity of in Beaverton
We have standing water in the crawlspace and need a drain system installed.
Vicinity of NW Sedgewick Ct in Beaverton
Earthquake retrofitting, sealing cracks-in foundation. Drain system, dehumidifier and sealed crawlspace bid.
Vicinity of SW Rigert Terrace in Beaverton
Some long term moisture and puddles in crawl space. Needs to be relined and ????
Vicinity of in Beaverton
Hi, I am looking for a quote to have a French drain installed. New, exterior, area and wall is exposed. There are current mold and water issues in the house. Unsure how many I might need at this time, but for sure need one. Would like it competed before end of November if possible. How is in Beaverton. Thank you! Kristi
Vicinity of in Beaverton
I am wanting to replace the flooring in my home and my crawl space has posts that need to be replaced due to previous water damage and uneven, sagging floors. Would like to get a quote on leveling the floors, replacing posts that need to be replaced and adding extra support where needed. Thanks
Vicinity of SW Hart Rd in Beaverton
Foundation cracks, sloped floor, dirty and damp crawlspace
Vicinity of Sw Rock Road in Beaverton
Smell and dampness in crawl space
Vicinity of SW Emerald Street in Beaverton
Need sump pump replacement plus crawl space French drain, insulation replaced vapor barrier
Vicinity of NW Paddington Drive in Beaverton
I have black mold growing on the wall in my living room. It is an outside wall, where they may be a leak from the gutter or window coming down inside the wall
Vicinity of in Beaverton
Drainage problems, water in crawlspace last winter/spring and need to correct drainage, possibly add sump pump and replace vapor barrier.
Vicinity of SW Smokette Ln in Beaverton
I have/had unwelcome guests in my crawl space and want to prevent it in the future. Along with this the air is very moist in Beaverton, so I'm interested in a more permanent solution to making sure my foundation stays safe and secure.
Vicinity of SW Joann Ct in Beaverton
Damp crawl space
Vicinity of SW Cromwell Ct in Beaverton
Looking for a quote to clean up ground cover, floor insulation, fix drainage and install a sump pump in crawl space.
Vicinity of in Beaverton
We need to have the sump pump in our crawlspace replaced.
Vicinity of in Beaverton
Our current crawlspace sump pump is old and in need of replacement.
Vicinity of NW Tripton Ct in Beaverton
Had water damage from kitchen that dripped in to crawl space. Insulation and plastic removed. Need to fix it.
Vicinity of SW Palomino Place in Beaverton
Just moved in 6 weeks ago. I'd like a free estimate of what is under the house I should be concerned about.
Vicinity of SW Lisa Drive in Beaverton
I am interested in getting my crawl space encapsulated.
Vicinity of Sw Madeline St in Beaverton
Just tore up carpet and got vinyl flooring. Corner of bedroom floor feels unsupported and floor contractor said it might be a foundation problem and verified that it didn't feel like the floor was supported.
Vicinity of in Beaverton
Need a new vapor barrier also have histories of rodent issues
Vicinity of NW Lakeway Ln in Beaverton
I have a condo from 1974 that would like to have crawlspace insulated for better energy management in the winter
Vicinity of in Beaverton
We have had water in our crawlspace and wethink we need to get a sump installed and would like some information about options to solve the problem.
Vicinity of in Beaverton
I have sagging insulation in crawl space, and very smelly. I want an estimate to my options. I am thinking about sealing the crawlspace, and wanted to consult with you.
Vicinity of SW Walker Road in Beaverton
Want quote to replace dry rotted wood posts in my crawl space with metal posts.
Vicinity of in Beaverton
Need to replace torn vapor barrier in crawl space.
Vicinity of SW Royal Woodlands in Beaverton
Water coming into daylight basement. We have had a lot of work done already, but this last snowstorm followed by monsoon rains caused new problems. Need so who can do an honest assessment. Please call when convenient. Thank you.
Vicinity of SW Aquaduct Ct. in Beaverton
We are selling our house. Our crawlspace sometimes gets water. We'd like a quote ready for a sump pump in case the buyers want one after the inspection.
Vicinity of SW Turtledove Lane in Beaverton
Wet carpet along wall in walk out level bonus room. Seeps into room in one area.
Vicinity of Sw Honeywood Dr in Beaverton
Need estimate on foundation repair and water intrusion issue in the crawll space.
Vicinity of in Beaverton
We our hoping to get some information about sump pumps. We currently have a few inches of water u see our home.
Vicinity of SW Jacktown Rd. in Beaverton
We have water in our crawlspace. We are doing a remodel and have opened up the floor for plumbing. We believe we need to have a drainage system installed in the crawlspace and a sump pump installed.
Vicinity of SW Rosa Road in Beaverton
Water leaking into and flooding garage all around the base of the foundation. Need a permanent fix to the problem, as it has been ongoing for the past two years with heavy rain.
Vicinity of SW Barlow Rd in Beaverton
Water accumulation in NE corner of stand up crawl space on tiered lot.
Vicinity of NW Bonneville Loop in Beaverton
I believe there is moisture in my crawl space, we have things stored in the closet where the access point is and they tend to get mold/mildew on them. It also has a musty smell in that closet.
Vicinity of SW Morrison St. in Beaverton
We want to re-floor our basement, that has flooded in past. How long would it take to install a 500' basement?
Vicinity of SW Evergreen St in Beaverton
We are moving but need to have a black 6 mil vapor barrier installed in our crawlspace and also improve our access hatch. We'd like to do this as cost-effectively as possible.
Vicinity of SW Devonshire Dr. in Beaverton
Falling insulation, mildew, duct insulation mildew, failed vapor barrier.
Vicinity of in Beaverton
Previous owner had sump pump installed. The company that did it did not angle the visqueen. Thus we have standing water and now have a sever bug problem. please help!
Vicinity of SW Fairfield St. in Beaverton
Water leakage into finished basement after tree fell.
Vicinity of in Beaverton
I'm buying a house, and the home inspection reported the following foundation and crawlspace issues. Can you give me an estimate? 1. There are a few locations around the home where the foundation wall has cracks 2. There is water staining and rot on the bottom of the piers inside the crawlspace. 3. that the pier has moved from its original position inside the crawlspace. 4. the wooden piers inside the crawlspace appear to be out of square. 5. mold growing on the wood framing inside the crawlspace 6. The sump pump inside the crawlspace is not working
Vicinity of SW Chevy Pl. in Beaverton
Crawl space has some standing water, non-functional pump. Looking for waterproofing options.
Vicinity of SW Blanton St. in Beaverton
I am a project manager for a property management company and I am looking to have an apartment building earthquake retrofitted. I was told there was water issues in the crawlspace and the work would not be able to be done until the water issues were resolved.
Vicinity of SW Lapaz Ct in Beaverton
Water in "daylight" basement. 2 concrete walls and a concrete slab.
Vicinity of in Beaverton
Looking for a quote and suggestions about crawl space encapsulation
Vicinity of SW Granite CT in Beaverton
My 4-plex at 6240 SW Vally Circle, has standing water in crawlspace, possibly some rotted timbers, faulty sump pump, and may need outer perimeter french drain. Sellin this prop. and buyers want it all fixed to their specs befor sale. Fairly urgent.
Vicinity of SW Sheldrake Way in Beaverton
Crawl space encapsulation, Attic mold, sealing and new insulation.
Vicinity of Sw Brady Ct in Beaverton
Water get into crawl space
Vicinity of Sw Flagstone Dr in Beaverton
Standing water in our crawl space. Available on some Fridays and some late afternoons.
Vicinity of SW RITA DR in Beaverton
My basement flooded for the first time this winter and I'd like to prevent that in the future.
Vicinity of NW Joscelyn St. in Beaverton
Water went to crawl space at end of last year during heavy rain days. will need repair service.
Vicinity of SW Springwater Ln in Beaverton
We need some work done in our crawlspace. Currently there is down insulation, standing water, trash/debris, torn vapor barrier, etc. We would like an estimate on removing the debris and down insulation, replacing the vapor barrier, replacing missing insulation, and fixing drainage issues. I would also be interested in an estimate for complete crawlspace encapsulation.
Vicinity of SW Tremont Way in Beaverton
Home is on hillside with many houses above. Water is present in crawlspace continuously so am interested in drain mechanism.
Vicinity of SW Emerald St in Beaverton
Water under house, need under house pump and encapsulation of crawl area. After that we need insulation repair.
Vicinity of SW Spren Court in Beaverton
Need moisture barrier replacement and insulations repair in crawlspace.
Vicinity of SW Blakeney St in Beaverton
Crawl space wet
Vicinity of SW Illinois LN in Beaverton
I'm looking to address a water issue in our crawl space.
Vicinity of Southwest McCamley Road in Beaverton
Water coming in the basement
Vicinity of SW Birch Ave. in Beaverton
Basement wall leaks - 2 separate areas. One has stopped but the other continues to weep.
Vicinity of SW Bruce Dr in Beaverton
Need drain tile installation in rear of home
Vicinity of in Beaverton
Just replaced the crawl space sump pump, but the dehumidifier is broken as well; so, we are looking to buy a new one asap.
Vicinity of SW Wilson Dr in Beaverton
Crawl space water and sump pump. New plastic
Vicinity of Sw Clifford St in Beaverton
Our basement has been leaking. There is water that has covered a majority of the carpet and there is a mildew smell as well.
Vicinity of S.W. Chestnut Ave. in Beaverton
Heavy rain left a foot of water in crawl space.
Vicinity of SW Devonshire DR in Beaverton
Had about a foot or more water in our crawlspace yesterday during the recent flooding. Bought a sump pump, have it down to a couple inches and still pumping. Vapor barrier needs replacing, and need assessment of mold. Have flood insurance but deductible is very high. Thanks!
Vicinity of in Beaverton
Crawl space gets several inches of water during rain.
Vicinity of SE Erin Terrace in Beaverton
What is the cost to install a sump pump in the crawl space under the house? Thanks.
Vicinity of SW Juniper Terrace in Beaverton
Need crawlspace evaluation and possibly new vapor barrier.
Vicinity of SW Zenith Place in Beaverton
I would like to have my crawlspace be usable for storage.
Vicinity of in Beaverton
Need new vapor barrier. fix duct work
Vicinity of SW Murray Blvd in Beaverton
At the moment, I have standing water (2") in parts of my crawl space. I am unclear on the source but have eliminated pipes. Am looking to understand causes and options to correct.
Vicinity of in Beaverton
Requesting quote for crawl space vent repair and vapor barrier.
Vicinity of in Beaverton
I found water in crawlspace, I would like to have a free estimate and inspection. Thanks
Vicinity of SW Quint Terr. in Beaverton
Standing water in the crawl space. Potential wood rot in the crawl space. If the water can't be avoided, may need a sump pump.
Vicinity of in Beaverton
I have had an inspection and quote by Terra Firma for crawl space encapsulation. I would like to get a quote from your company, as well. Terra Firma found mold and some standing water.
Vicinity of SW Bel-Aire Ln in Beaverton
Water is leaking in the basement from one place. It could be caused by a nail hammered through the concrete floor. Can you help?
Vicinity of SW Jay St in Beaverton
Have a small crawlspace under the house that is nothing but dirt, and has been known to collect water and get muddy when it rains. E-mail would be the best way to contact me.
Vicinity of NW Wooded Way in Beaverton
Would like an estimate to clean/seal our crawlspace.
Vicinity of SW Matheny Dr in Beaverton
Musty odor from crawlspace is permeating home.
Vicinity of in Beaverton
Crawl space sealing and exterior drainage. Was just going to have new vapor barrier layed but interested in your opinion and options. Also do you do any work with energy trust of Oregon?
Vicinity of SW Idaho Dr in Beaverton
Looking to purchase a home with water issues in basement. Need a estimator out on Monday with other home inspectors Etc to come and look at scope of work and provide an estimate to plan rehab before purchasing
Vicinity of in Beaverton
I have some strong odors from my crawl space and appears the crawl space wall is leaking. I would also like to insulate the complete crawl space
Vicinity of SW Imperial Drive in Beaverton
The crawlspace under my home is difficult to work in. I need to have the space inspected and discuss options to improving it.
Vicinity of SW Barnard Dr in Beaverton
Will water proofing our crawl space make our daylight basement warmer during the cold winter months?
Vicinity of SW Breccia Driver in Beaverton
Need crawlspace inspection, clean up, possible need for one or more ductwork to vent connections to be repaired and installation or replacement of vapor barrier.
Vicinity of SW Rose Petal Lane in Beaverton
I have a small crawl space under the den in my condo. My concern is that the den itself gets very cold in the winter. If I don't need waterproofing, do you do insulation in crawl spaces? Please let me know. Thank you.
Vicinity of SW Barnard Dr in Beaverton
We used you for our last home and now we are buying a new home and want to make sure that our "crawl space" and water drains for backyard are setup correctly. We have been told the sump pump is fine, but their are no drains to lead water to the sump pump. Thanks!
Vicinity of SƯ Pintail Lp in Beaverton
Water in crawl space
Vicinity of in Beaverton
Planning a remodel. Would like to know condition of crawlspace, foundation, etc.before commencing.
Vicinity of SW Barlow Rd. in Beaverton
Crawls pace needs rodent removal, reinstall vapor barrier drainage wells and dry rot dealt with.
Vicinity of SW Pintail Loop in Beaverton
Water in crawl space that at one point found its way thru the wall into the half basement. We have a sump pump but still are concerned where the water is coming from.
Vicinity of in Beaverton
General concerns, insulation
Vicinity of in Beaverton
General crawl space exam, insulation, and vapor barrier
Vicinity of Sw Domino St in Beaverton
Water in crawl space I would like assessed
Vicinity of in Beaverton
Need duct repair , new vapor barrier
Vicinity of SW Stillwell Lane in Beaverton
We have a pretty large crawlspace and are interested in getting a quote. Thank you
Vicinity of SW Emerald Ct in Beaverton
Need new vapor barrier; evaluate insulation and potential need for more/repaired/contained insulation.
Vicinity of Aldercreek in Beaverton
Eventually I would like to get a onsite quote for crawl space encapsulation. but for now I would just like a estimate for a level, dry, and fairly clean, 20'by 40' 2.5 foot high crawl space.
Vicinity of SW Danielle Ave in Beaverton
I was told to insulate my floors to better heat my house. I have been looking around and it seems that it is better to encapsulate the crawlspace rather than put figerglass batts in between the joists. I would like to know what the cost of would be.
Vicinity of SW Iron Horse Lane in Beaverton
There is excessive moisture in the walls and when furniture is next to them mold grows. We would like an estimate please.
Vicinity of SW Rochester Dr in Beaverton
Would like to get and estimate to have your crawl space insulated. It's about 1200sqft beams are 48" on center and there is currently nothing insulating our area/floor. Thanks Stephen
Vicinity of in Beaverton
I saw you on AM Northwest this morning. We have a crawl space in our home. Home built in 1978. I would like to have it checked. Never had problems but would like to schedule a look at it. Thank you.
Vicinity of Sw Springwater Ln in Beaverton
A little water in crawl spaceafterthe big storm
Vicinity of SW Davies Road in Beaverton
We recently had to have the pipes from kitchen to laundry room replaced as they had been leaking in the crawl space. The plumber recommends that we have our plastic cover in the crawl space replaced as it is a) getting old and worn, and b) smells because of the leaking.
Vicinity of SW Onyx Court in Beaverton
When Portland has heavy rain days I get water coming in my basement on the floor. When the heavy rains stop, the leaking stops immediately.
Vicinity of SW Theresa Court in Beaverton
We have standing water in our crawl space. We just had floor insulation installed as there was none when the house was built back in 83. We put in a small sump pump but it is not working. We were told there is a lot of moisture down there. We need to find out if there is anything that can be done.
Vicinity of NW Gold Canyon Lane in Beaverton
I have a crawl space with signs of previous moisture intrusion but no standing water. I may need a perimeter drain or other mitigation. I'd appreciate a call asap as I'm looking at having this done fairly soon. Thanks. Dave
Vicinity of Turnstone Ave in Beaverton
Estimate to look at crawel sapce water issue
Vicinity of NW Dogwood Ct in Beaverton
Pest / debris infestation cleanup,repair installation and install black vapor barrier, rehang fallen heat ducts
Vicinity of SW Winslow Dr. in Beaverton
Crawl Space Cleaning and Repair. Walk-able crawl space
Vicinity of SW Scout Drive in Beaverton
Would just like a ball park cost range per window... we are considering buying a house where we'd want to improve the basement windows (in the Beaverton/Tigard area).
Vicinity of SW Applegate Dr in Beaverton
Would like to get a quote on a vapor barrier install.
Vicinity of SW Wembley Place in Beaverton
I have a dirt crawlspace that during rainy months is often wet/muddy. I have a sump pump but this does not help the muddy mess below. I am concerned about dry rot, water damage and just overall health of the space. Thank you. Email is the best way to reach me.
Vicinity of NW Amber View Ln in Beaverton
At times wet areas in crawlspace. Starting to see uneven floors, possibly caused by moisture. Would like a professional opinion on wether I have a water problem or not.
Vicinity of SW Greenwood St. in Beaverton
I need an inspection/annual maintenance. Pacific Basements waterproofed the crawlspace about 6 years ago and installed a sump pump and dehumidifier. I'd like to have someone inspect everything for proper operation.
Vicinity of SW Trigger Drive in Beaverton
Vapor barrier needs to be replaced and make it look nicer down there. Triple pump interests me. Current pump is prob bargain to mid-priced but is working fine. We have seasonal groundwater. Middle of crawlspace where sump is has pretty good height (about 5 feet). Will be listing house soon. Is it possible to come over in unmarked vehicle?
Vicinity of SW Cleveland Bay Lane in Beaverton
We have a sun room that's at the same level as our yard. It will leak some water during a heavy rain, especially at the sliding glass door.
Vicinity of NW Eastbook Ct in Beaverton
Looking for a quote to have our below crawl space in our condo looked at to see if that's where we're losing a lot of heat.
Vicinity of S.W. Onyx Ct. in Beaverton
I have a basement and a sub-pump but when we get a lot of rain and down-pours then I get water coming in the basement in different areas around the walls.
Vicinity of SW Hart Dr in Beaverton
We had racoons move in under our vacation home in Manzanita on the coast (just south of Canon Beach). We thought we had driven them out and sealed the access points, but they are still getting in. They are creating a bad smelling environment and have been pulling down the flooring insulation. Probably other damage we can't see as well. The home is relatively small with approximately 1200 sq ft of crawl space. We would like an estimate on clean-up, repair, re-insulating, and sealing. Thanks!
Vicinity of To Be Shared in Beaverton
Looking at a crawl space and dry rot fix and correction, likely drains at least on one side of the house need to be opened.
Vicinity of in Beaverton
Hello, I just left a voice message on you 888 line, Friday evening. My crawlspace, which is about 4.5 feet which is really convenient, needs a thorough review for problems with the hangers for the furnace ductwork, duct work itself, insulation for ducts, if there is such a thing, plastic sheet over the dirt 'floor', and so on. I would like an estimate listing the individual repairs that are needed and the estimate cost of each, and would appreciate having that list in the order in which you think they should be donw in the event the cost is more than I can handle at one time. I am 70 and wife is 65. We've lived in this house for 15 years and have invested about $100,000 in upgrades, small remodels and repairs, so this project I'm talking to you about is about the last of the big items that need to be handled. The house was built in 1977 and is in great shape, thanks to some degree to the care we've taken. This crawlspace upgrade will sort of finish off the repairs and upgrades we need for this house where we will spend the remainder of our life. Looking forward to hearing from you,
Vicinity of Sw Broadway Street in Beaverton
We lease a commercial property on Broadway in Beaverton and have a problem with rainwater drainage coming into our building. Our plumber suggested a trench and drain would be needed to get the water away from the building. We want to get as many options for getting the water out of our building as we can. We need to get an estimate on the costs to give to the property owner in order to get this taken care of.
Vicinity of in Beaverton
Terrible odor in house...suspect water in crawl space.
Vicinity of SW Brightwood St in Beaverton
We moved into a new single story ranch home that seems to collect lots of standing water in the crawl space when it rains. Made some adjustment to the gutters but hasn'r fixed the problem. I think we need a sump pump, but am also interested in trying to figure our where all of the water is coming from.
Vicinity of NW Oakhills Dr in Beaverton
I have standing water in the crawlspace. Need an estimate. Please call tomorrow.
Vicinity of NW TalkingStick Way in Beaverton
Water in Crawl Space
Vicinity of SE Meadowlark Drive in Beaverton
Inspector noted silt on vapor barrier during inspection of our vented crawlspace in summer. (1972 home) Mentioned to keep an eye on it for water penetration. Looked today and there is 4" of water in some spots. Would like a specialist to come look and give thoughts for solution. Thanks. Daniel
Vicinity of SW Harness Ln in Beaverton
Weneed a new vapor barrier in the crawlspace and would like to have atleast 8mil fabric used.
Vicinity of SW Hargis Rd. in Beaverton
We would like a crawlspace encapsulation estimate. We have room enough under our house for a 1/2 basement, and are looking to insulate the side walls and seal the space in order to convert it into an additional storage area. A full-sized external door was recently added, so there is easy access to the area.
Vicinity of in Beaverton
Good morning! We have standing water in our crawl space and would like an estimate for possible installation of a sump pump and/or type of drainage system. Thanks!
Vicinity of S. W. Jamieson Ct. in Beaverton
I have a Zoeller sump pump, but have recently gotten some wet carpet in my lower level. The container the pump is sitting is is full of water indicating to me the pump is not working causing an overflow. I would like a quote on getting it repaired or replaced.
Vicinity of S.W. Tiger Lilly Lane in Beaverton
The sump pump in our crawl space has stopped working. I can feel that there is standing water underneath the vapor barrier.
Vicinity of Sw Minnie Crt in Beaverton
Have a tri level home and with all the rain we might have a leak in basement level home coming in our living area..
Vicinity of in Beaverton
Water in crawlspace.
Vicinity of SW TRIGGER DR in Beaverton
Vicinity of SW KAttegat Dr. in Beaverton
Hi, I have some water accumulation in my crawl space, and I am looking to fix the issue. Thanks, Tushar.
Vicinity of in Beaverton
I have a very old crawl space and I would like to see how much it would cost to get a vapor barrier installed.
Vicinity of in Beaverton
I have a 1964 home with a daylight basement that I purchased in June and with the first rain I have a leaky basement that I would like fixed. I am interested in a quote and what your recommendations would be.
Vicinity of SW TENNESSEE LANE in Beaverton
Our crawl space resembles your worst photo. Wet, rotted, moldy, bad smelling, hanging insulation, poor drainage. We are interested in your solution to the problem and of course the anticipated cost.
Vicinity of in Beaverton
Concern about what damages the water is doing to the house or what bigger problem it can create. There is mold in the lower parts of the closet that builds up and sometimes the smell of wet soil comes out in the garage.
Vicinity of SW Paddock Ct. in Beaverton
Musty smell coming from crawlspace. Verified at least 2 drips from piping. We would like a full inspection of the crawlspace pipes and duct work.
Vicinity of SW Bonnie Meadow Lane in Beaverton
Moisture, mold
Vicinity of SW Peggy Court in Beaverton
I have seen water coming in on top of the vapor barrier in our crawl space. The crawl space itself does not smell bad, and I do not notice any signs of mold. The water that comes in doesn't stay for very long.
Vicinity of in Beaverton
In the crawl space under our house the vapor barrier is 30 years old and no longer functioning as it should. There is water on top of the barrier as well as below. There is mold present and the installation on the ductwork needs to be replaced. My husband and I would like to get a quote from you on doing this work and please let us know when can you do the job?
Vicinity of SW Pintail Loop in Beaverton
We recently purchased a home built in 1991. The crawlspace has moisture, rips in the plastic, no insulation, and is a mess. When we got the inspection in the winter, there were areas that had 3 inches of standing water. We'd like to know what steps we should take and what the costs would be to fix everything.
Vicinity of SW Duchess in Beaverton
We have had some leaking into the interior of the house and need to probably install a french drain to fix the problem
Vicinity of SW Horton Way in Beaverton
I have some water underneath the house and would like to install a sump pump. I would like to know how much does it cost to install the sump pump. Please provide me an estimate. Thanks.
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Water in crawl apace!
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I own a 1951 ranch style house with no insulation (bare beams - picture availalbe) in the crawlspace. There is existing vapor barrier that is adequate but I would like to get an estimate on insulating the floor of the house. 1064 square feet.
Vicinity of SW Taralynn Pl. in Beaverton
We purchased this 50 year old home in November of last year, and the crawlspace was dry, though showed evidence of water at least once in the past. We had a contractor out last week to bid on a partial sill plate replacement (wood boring beetle damage) and when we popped the hatch into the crawlspace, there was water below - yikes! Also, the existing vapor barrier was clear plastic.
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We would like an estimate for a house we are buying that has excessive water in the crawlspace.
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Tall crawl space area with underfloor insulation that is falling. Need the insulation increased and the vapor barrier reset.
Vicinity of SW Florence Street in Beaverton
I have a rather large crawl space with a sump pump (flat property with lots of water collection under the house). The floor is not insulated. The noise from the sump pump keeps me awake. I NEED help. I need something to help abate the noise; but be suitable for the situation under my house (wet, wet, wet). Can you help?
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We are placing the house on the market and need to get an estimate for the most reasonable option to keep water from our crawlspace AS SOON AS POSSIBLE.
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