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Crawl Space Repair Case Studies: Crawlspace access in Eagle Creek Oregon

Thursday, September 14th, 2017 by Kayla Cree


To get into a crawlspace you will need an access point, they vary in size and location and are not always the easiest to get in and out of or placed in the most convenient places. Many people have indoor accesses which can be considered a burden for some homeowners and they will want the access to be outside. Outside accesses can have its own issues too if not properly built. An outdoor access will need to be covered correctly to keep out animals, water and other outdoor elements from entering the crawlspace. and in some cases, have to have a type drainage system in place by it to keep water from pooling up and flooding it. Then there is trying to get in and out of the access, it can be a trying task in some cases.




John's Waterproofing can install and fix your outdoor access in a few simple steps. Our solution to these issues? Installing an EverLast Crawlspace door and a Stakwell. The Crawlspace door is made of from ½-in.-thick durable PVC plastic, has heavy duty weather stripping and as a plus comes in a variety of colors to match your homes color scheme. Meaning the door will never warp, crack, shrink, require maintenance or painting. It will hold up to severe weather conditions and keep your crawlspace sealed from air and water. For extra protection from outside elements and for easy access to your crawlspace a Stakwell can be installed along with the door. The Stakwell is made from a corrosion-resistant, extremely durable material that helps keep out any rain, snow and debris out of the well. We simply "stack" them to accommodate your foundation height around the crawlspace access secure to the foundation and you have an easy step ladder to get in and out of the crawlspace.

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