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Crawl Space Repair Case Studies: Monroe, OR CleanSpace System

Monday, January 8th, 2018 by Kayla Cree


Our teams were called in by a homeowner facing the telltale signs of excessive crawl space moisture: standing water/muddy floors, rot and rusting, and unpleasant musty odors. The homeowner wanted to fix these problems in one fell swoop and knew that John's Waterproofing could help him. 


There are many negative effects of having a dirt crawl space, especially the ones that this homeowner was experiencing. The solution to these problems is our patented CleanSpace encapsulation system. CleanSpace is an extra thick vapor barrier with seven different layers and a 25-year warranty against tears. It is installed over the floors and walls of the crawl space preventing any moisture from entering, while also keeping out insects and other pests. CleanSpace acts as insulation as well by keeping the first floor of the house 10 degrees warmer, which helps save on energy costs because heat is not being wasted. The encapsulation system leaves the crawl space looking bright, clean, and new while making a healthier and more comfortable home.

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