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Crawl Space Repair Case Studies: Service job in Lebanon

Friday, June 16th, 2017 by Kayla Cree


When we received a call from a customer saying that they needed an annual service we were excited! We love when our customers are proactive with their systems, it helps to ensure that they will function properly and last as long as possible. This customer had stayed on top of the service of the sump pump we installed pretty well which kept the pump working great. The problem was that they had only gotten one sump pump and nothing more. Without a way to direct the water coming in to the crawlspace to the pump, or an efficient vapor barrier and dehumidifier there was still moisture and critters getting into the crawlspace. 


when our service team came out for an annual service they took photos of the crawlspaces condition to show to the homeowners. That is when these homeowners started to see the issues that came along side letting moisture enter the crawlspace, especially for extended periods of time.Finally, after 5 years of having just the bare minimum for waterproofing, (although our sumps are top of the line, it is highly recommended to do a full system for optimal results.) They decided to get a full encapsulation system installed and the results speak for themselves. These homeowners now have long term protection from water, moisture, mold, wood rot and critters in the crawlspace and they are happy customers, which is what makes our jobs all worth it. 

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