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John's Waterproofing is dedicated to helping our community by always providing exceptional customer service, quality craftsmanship, and reliable products. It's how we've built our reputation for excellence in Lake Oswego. Learn more about John's Waterproofing's recent work requests in Lake Oswego and nearby areas!

Learn more about John's Waterproofing's recent work requests in Lake Oswego, OR
Vicinity of Orchard Springs Rd in Lake Oswego
House is situated on non-drying clay, hardwood floors have cupped, have concern about radon as well
Vicinity of Chapin Way in Lake Oswego
Good Evening, We've had two leaks coming from our crawl space into daylight living area and can't determine the source. I'd like a quote to fix the issue. When can you come out? Thank you, -Rich 503-881-2806
Vicinity of Devon Lane in Lake Oswego
The building has a gravity drainage system which includes French drains around the foundation. Water is directed into a sump well in the crawl space before being pumped up to a sewer line. The crawl space has a vapor barrier but is not encapsulated. The sump pump suffers from sediment buildup and seizes regularly, leaving standing water. I may have some mold forming. A radon test was performed in May with an average reading of 0.3 pCi/L. There is a musty smell and I'm concerned about air quality. Forced air furnace is in crawl space. Most supply ducts are insulated, returns are not. I'm planning to install cooling next year and would like to prepare the space as needed. I'm interested in suggestions and an estimate for the work, please. Thanks for your time and help. /bh
Vicinity of Roosevelt Ave. in Lake Oswego
We would like to get an estimate for removal of dry rot of the sill plate in our crawlspace and also some dry rot on a window and siding. Would also like to know how far your booking out to do the work. Thanks.
Vicinity of Glacier Lily St in Lake Oswego
I have a client in Lake Oswego that is selling their home and the inspection found that several crawlspace vertical beams are defective. We need to get them repaired.
Vicinity of Sw Laurel Street in Lake Oswego
Water leakage in basement and mold oder
Vicinity of Touchstone in Lake Oswego
Small leak in basement, need estimate to repair.
Vicinity of in Lake Oswego
We just need to have our vapor barrier removed and a new one installed.
Vicinity of Wembley Pl in Lake Oswego
Have a leak in daylight/finished basement that occurs during heavy rainfail.
Vicinity of Orchard Way in Lake Oswego
Moisture / mildew
Vicinity of Sundew Ct in Lake Oswego
I need put insulation for crawl space.
Vicinity of Galen St in Lake Oswego
My Salem house has water infiltration mainly from floor cracks but also some perimeter infiltration. I want to see what my options are.
Vicinity of Ridge Lake Dr in Lake Oswego
Purchased house with dirt crawl space in March and new vapor barrier was installed by previous owner. We are concerned about musty odors and poor air quality in house and would like a crawlspace inspection to determine if the vapor barrier was installed properly or if something additional needs to be done. Thank you!
Vicinity of Upper Cherry Lane in Lake Oswego
Looking for a quote to encapsulate our crawl space.
Vicinity of Middlecrest in Lake Oswego
I have a basement that I'm trying to finish with water issues. I would like a bid to keep the basement dry. Thanks, Eric
Vicinity of Meadows Drive in Lake Oswego
My basement has flooded a bit and it is hard to tell where exactly it is coming in. We have experienced this before and thought we had a solution but it has happened again.
Vicinity of Grandview Ct in Lake Oswego
Interested in Crawlspace encapsulation and insulation. There does not appear to be active water issues. Email is the best way to reach me.
Vicinity of SW Glen Haven Road in Lake Oswego
My home is difficult to heat and I know there are moisture issues as hardwood floor boards have curled.
Vicinity of Palisades Terrace Dr in Lake Oswego
Need a bid to clean up a crawl space, vacuum up rodent droppings, clean out debris - basic spruce up.
Vicinity of Lamont Way in Lake Oswego
Looking for a quote on insulation and vapor barrier for our crawlspace
Vicinity of Southshore Blvd. in Lake Oswego
Would like vapor barrier installed in crawl space approximately 800 sq/ft
Vicinity of Greenridge Ct in Lake Oswego
I currently have a vented crawlspace and cold floors. The townhouse was built in the early 70's. I'm interested in updating it to an unvented space w/a dehumidifier. There is a vapor barrier on the ground, but it is not up the wall 6" as recommended.
Vicinity of Timberline Dr in Lake Oswego
Gutter porch pavement slope basement bathroom wall leak. Mold prob
Vicinity of Tualata Lane in Lake Oswego
I know that my crawl space is not currently insulated, it does have a barrier over the dirt. I would like to have the barrier evaluated and installation installed. crawl space is about 4 feet high.
Vicinity of Kilkenny Drive in Lake Oswego
We seem to have a leak somewhere in our basement along a wall. Can you guys come out Saturday?
Vicinity of SW Partridge Dr in Lake Oswego
Our house floor is too cold and by reading some information I beleive we have moisture problem in crwal space
Vicinity of Oak Terrace in Lake Oswego
I am interested in getting an estimate for encapsulation and also getting the vents sealed up.
Vicinity of Lake Forest Dr in Lake Oswego
We have a sump pump but it does not have a battery backup. We would like a quote to have one installed. Also, the sump drains across the driveway and we would like it extended under the asphalt driveway so the driveway doesn't get wet or icy in the winter
Vicinity of Da Vinci in Lake Oswego
Interested in clean space quote. And, reseal all ducts in crawl space and wrap with insulation.
Vicinity of Marjorie Ave in Lake Oswego
Selling house. Home inspection indicates a wet basement. Prospective buyers want an estimate for fixing water problem.
Vicinity of Greentree Circle in Lake Oswego
I would like to get a quote for cleaning up my crawlspace. I believe my foundation drain is plugged and things are a bit moist.
Vicinity of Hill Way in Lake Oswego
Was told by exterminator that sub pump was installed wrong and mold is in bottom of house.
Vicinity of Astor Avenue in Lake Oswego
Does your crawl space encapsulation help with rodent infestation?
Vicinity of Summer Woods in Lake Oswego
I would like to know the cost of replacing all the vapor barrier and insulation in the crawl space. There were cats in the crawl space. Thanks.
Vicinity of Hidalgo in Lake Oswego
Need estimate on sump pump for crawl space
Vicinity of Melrose Pl in Lake Oswego
Moisture in lower level of home. Exposed storage area. We use a portable dehumidifier.
Vicinity of Knaus Road in Lake Oswego
Want to make our crawl space into storage area. Interested to learn more about your offerings and price estimate.
Vicinity of Touchstone Terrace in Lake Oswego
From our home inspection report: "raised foundation - some foundation pillars have rot at their base due to extended exposure to water" "raised foundation - there was some standing water and large areas of silk (silt?)on the vapor barrier from past water pooling. recommend new vapor barrier" "deck - some rot was found in a baluster of the stair leading to the back balcony. recommned inspection of deck and stairs"
Vicinity of Andrews Road in Lake Oswego
Large crawl space in government camp. Excessive moisture in winter. Looking for bid on vapor barrier and/or automatic, low maintenance dehumidifier system. Jerry
Vicinity of Kingsgate Road in Lake Oswego
Vapor barrier, water in the crawlspace and mold
Vicinity of Amberwood Circle in Lake Oswego
Crawlspace drainage & possible waterproofing. Check existing sump pump.
Vicinity of Westbay in Lake Oswego
We have water flow into our basement during periods of heavy rain. Your company installed a water guard system at our home with the prior owner. I would like to ask if you could provide an estimate to eliminate the water movement into our basement areas. We are actively looking to start this work and would like to meet with you ASAP.
Vicinity of Fielding Rd in Lake Oswego
Unraveling insulated ducting, construction garbage, leaking venting, unsealed crawl space, no vapor barrier
Vicinity of Oak St in Lake Oswego
Water in crawl space
Vicinity of Matthew Ct. in Lake Oswego
I would like to get an estimate to install a crawl space vaper barrier.
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