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John's Waterproofing is dedicated to helping our community by always providing exceptional customer service, quality craftsmanship, and reliable products. It's how we've built our reputation for excellence in Oregon City. Learn more about John's Waterproofing's recent work requests in Oregon City and nearby areas!

Learn more about John's Waterproofing's recent work requests in Oregon City, OR
Vicinity of Hazelgrove Dr. in Oregon City
Flooding Crawl space. I want to find out how that waters is getting in and how to fix the problem
Vicinity of Barclay Hills Dr in Oregon City
Need a sump pump installed in crawlspace to stop settling issues
Vicinity of River Birch in Oregon City
Water in crawl space.
Vicinity of Roosevelt St in Oregon City
After a home inspection, we were requested to have a sump pump installed to code. So we would like a quote to do so. Time is of the essence.
Vicinity of Prospect St in Oregon City
Just bought old house. crawl space needs to be cleaned and probably insulated. need estimate of cost. available by email. phone does not get service where I am currently staying. thank you. Paula
Vicinity of in Oregon City
Need an estimate as soon as possible
Vicinity of Linn Ave in Oregon City
Flooding basement
Vicinity of Elder Tree Ct in Oregon City
We have a sump pump that we know is incorrectly installed. We're preparing to sell our house and want the sump pump to be correctly installed.
Vicinity of in Oregon City
Standing water in my dirt crawlspace. Water was not there before summer, recently noticed it after inspecting for cold weather prep. Drained water with shop vac ( filled vacuum 4 times, 2 gallons a fill) only to watch the water come right back in.
Vicinity of Moss Lake Way in Oregon City
Standing water in crawlspace, located on a high water table, dry-out, air quality, insulation damage from rodents, non-working sump-pump, rotted posts, competitive quote.
Vicinity of Oaktree Ave in Oregon City
New homeowner becoming dissatisfied with initial move-in inspection. Noticing cracked drywall and uneven floor in kitchen. Some moisture noticed in floor.
Vicinity of Nobel Rd in Oregon City
Hi, I'm looking for a quote on vapor barrier repair/installation. I'm available any time but need a quote not later than Sunday 24 July. I can be reached best via email but am also available via phone. My address is: 13288 S Nobel Rd Oregon City, OR Thank you for your time, I look forward to hearing back from your company!
Vicinity of in Oregon City
In 2015 my sump pump failed allowing water to enter the basement. Since this incident the basement has been humid and damp contributing to mold growth on several pieces of furniture. I had a finished basement and removed the carpeting from the basement following the water intrusion.
Vicinity of Gaffney Ln in Oregon City
We have water puddles in the basement after hard rains, mineral deposits on the basement walls, and need to run a dehumidifier full time.
Vicinity of S Eaden Rd. in Oregon City
We have had our house up for sale and someone looked in the crawl space and said there was water. We need to have it looked at and determined what needs to be done.
Vicinity of Homestead Drive in Oregon City
We have one pump not working and one pump installed wrong. they are both located under our house.
Vicinity of in Oregon City
Looking for an estimate - have an older sump pump setup but think it needs upgrading. :)
Vicinity of Applegate Terrace in Oregon City
Would like to get an estimate for encapsulation of my crawlspace.
Vicinity of S Woodglen Way in Oregon City
Wanting to insulate and vapor barrier our crawl space as well as re insulate our attic space. Wondering what tax credits might be available or energy trust rebates as well.
Vicinity of Oaktree Terrace in Oregon City
Concerned about drainage and humidity levels in the crawlspace.
Vicinity of S Plum Tree Lane in Oregon City
We have an offer on our home but the appraisal wont go through because there is some water in the basement.
Vicinity of S Central Pt in Oregon City
Crawl space water issues.
Vicinity of S. Forest Hill Dr. in Oregon City
Wet crawl space
Vicinity of Harding Blvd in Oregon City
Leaky basement/garage
Vicinity of Amanda Court in Oregon City
Crawl Space Sealing. Had a radon test come pack a little high.
Vicinity of Shelby Rose Drive in Oregon City
I need an estimate for what to do about standing water on my crawl space. Thanks
Vicinity of Elder Tree Ct in Oregon City
I need a sump pump installed in the crawl space
Vicinity of Brandow Street in Oregon City
Estimate for low drainage system in crawl space.
Vicinity of Beverly Drive in Oregon City
Looking for an estimate to put insulation & plastic in our crawl space. Possibly adding more insulation in the attic also. The crawl space is roughly 950-1000sq ft, not sure about the attic. I'm available after 3:30 during the week.
Vicinity of S. South End Court in Oregon City
Crawl space has a bad smell that penetrates the living space of the house. Humidity seems high in the house (50 to 60%).
Vicinity of Front Street in Oregon City
Water accumulation in crawl space
Vicinity of S Century Drive in Oregon City
We have an existing sump pump but we do have a few small pools of water on top of the plastic. Should we be concerned.
Vicinity of S Beatie Rd in Oregon City
Am concerned about the dampness under our home and mold issues.
Vicinity of S. Wachtman Road in Oregon City
We have water in our valve box for our sprinkler system. It's too much water and it's close to the wires. Can you help with this issue? If so, how much could it cost? Thanks.
Vicinity of S Shore Vista Dr in Oregon City
Looking for a quote for basement waterproofing. Thank you.
Vicinity of in Oregon City
I have a vertical foundation crack. Additional information: How did you hear about us?: Internet Search
Vicinity of South Foothills Avenue in Oregon City
Had water at one time in the crawl space. 2 crawl space vents are broker and need replacing.
Vicinity of S Eaden Rd in Oregon City
I live in Oregon City, and I need some crawspace solutions. If you do free estimate and evaluation of our situation, please contact me. Thanks, -Kevin
Vicinity of Harrison Street in Oregon City
Quote for interior french drain for walk-in basement.
Vicinity of in Oregon City
Foundation cracks need to be repaired.
Vicinity of Cherabon Court in Oregon City
I have water in my crawl space due to a high water table when it rains. I need a quote on installing a sump pump and drainage, and whatever it would take to protect the house. Regards, Bryant
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