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Learn more about John's Waterproofing's recent work requests in Eugene, OR
Vicinity of Alder Street in Eugene
Now that the cold has begun, I am noticing some buckling of our hardwood floors. I'm also not hearing my sump pump go off when it rains. I'm concerned about water and dampness in the crawlspace.
Vicinity of Sarah Ln in Eugene
I'd like an estimate for a crawlspace encapsulation.
Vicinity of N Shasta Loop in Eugene
Weather seeping through foundation walls and soaking basement apartment carpet corner.
Vicinity of Donald St in Eugene
Have damage to insulation from rats in crawl space. Having pest company address rat issue but need quote to replace insulation, and vapor barrier.
Vicinity of Taylor Street in Eugene
Standing water in my crawl space.
Vicinity of in Eugene
Crawl space/foundation concerns -- expanding cracks in drywall, separation between floor and wall in garage, back door no longer aligns with lock to close properly. Would like an estimate to level, seal, and ensure structural safety.
Vicinity of in Eugene
Need to flush out and repair house/yard drainage system so that it goes to storm water drain (joints, broken PVC, gutter meets, etc. need to be fixed so works done by general contractor years ago no longer working).
Vicinity of Copping Rd in Eugene
Hello, we are looking for a quote to replace the moisture barrier in the crawl space.
Vicinity of Van Buren Street in Eugene
Several support beams in basement need shoring up with concrete pads. In addition, looking for structure to secure water heater
Vicinity of in Eugene
Vapor barrier soiled with animal feces that we were unaware of before purchasing the home. Need estimate of removal of soiled barrier and feces and new barrier installed.
Vicinity of Naismith Blvd in Eugene
Musty mildew smell in the house. Seems to be coming from crawl space. Would like an expert to take a look to find out if anything major is going on.
Vicinity of in Eugene
Lots of water under my home
Vicinity of Monroe St in Eugene
25-year old single family residence on a hillside slope in South Eugene, walkout lower level, construction-framing is over two dirt crawl spaces, c1600 sq. ft. footprint. need to explore encapsulation of the crawl spaces. thank you.
Vicinity of Todd St. in Eugene
Standing water in scrawl space.
Vicinity of Cal Young in Eugene
1954 built cottage size home - crawl space is inaccessible, musty - want to investigate options to allow access concerned by odors in house - seem to be coming from crawlspace thanks
Vicinity of Portland Street in Eugene
I am in the process of buying a house and was interested in having the crawl space assessed and if need encapsulated in order to keep it dry and maybe save money on energy costs. Looking at your website it seems that you might be able to help me assess and pursue this process if needed. Also how long out does it typically take from scheduling an appointment to the appointment date? Eddie
Vicinity of in Eugene
Vapor barrier replacement
Vicinity of Martha CT in Eugene
There is a musty smell coming from the crawlspace and some standing water.
Vicinity of Olive St in Eugene
Need to get Basement waterproofed
Vicinity of Storey Blvd in Eugene
Water penetration from outside during heavy rains in crawlspace concrete wall. Wall was coated using Drylock but water is pushing through.
Vicinity of Tandy Turn in Eugene
My crawlspace has no vapor barrier and I would like an estimate to have one installed.
Vicinity of Quaker St. in Eugene
Crawl space encapsulation estimate
Vicinity of Dartmoor Dr. in Eugene
During the wet season our house has certain areas that are damp inside our home and develop mold.
Vicinity of Portland St. in Eugene
The basement leaks with severe rainstorms...has for years, I get one stopped, and another one pops up somewhere else. Not a flood, but I'm tired of mopping up with my old towel tub.
Vicinity of Portland St. in Eugene
The basement leaks with severe rainstorms...has for years, I get one stopped, and another one pops up somewhere else. Not a flood, but I'm tired of mopping up with my old towel tub.
Vicinity of Amberland Ave in Eugene
I may need a SmartJack or two to shore up a sagging pantry cabinet in my kitchen.
Vicinity of Dellwood Drive in Eugene
Built in 2089, foundation has settled.
Vicinity of Souza Court in Eugene
Smart jack for sagging floor and crawl space encapsulation
Vicinity of Harvard Dr in Eugene
Cracking in interior walls and in foundation. inspection discovered that previous sump pump is no longer working and crawlspace is wet and has signs of water collection.
Vicinity of Garfield St in Eugene
Hello, I am inquiring about having a sump pump dug and installed. My house has a very tight crawl space, so I would prefer to have the drain line connect to a sump that would sit next to the house so it will be more easily serviced. I am in Eugene. Please feel free to email or call me to let me know if you do this work and when we can set up a time for an estimate. Thank you! Kind Regards, Shannon
Vicinity of Kieth Way in Eugene
Would like a general winterizing of crawl space and/or insulating as well as insulation of water pipes in crawl space.
Vicinity of Cannon Ct in Eugene
Crawl space has garbage and loose insulation. Need cleanup and moisture barrier.
Vicinity of Goodpasture Is Rd in Eugene
Hello, I recently moved into a new house and am concerned about the crawl space door (just a piece of plywood leaned up on the opening from outside). There is also a hole in the front not covered by a vent. Hoping to get these things fixed!:) Thank you!
Vicinity of Barber Dr. in Eugene
I just purchased this home and wanted to make sure there was proper rain drainage around the foundation of the home. I would like to schedule a home visit and estimate.
Vicinity of Videra Dr in Eugene
Mold in crawl space on some 2X6 framing and on construction debris, (drywall), under the plastic vapor barrier. Some water coming in above foundation.
Vicinity of Saville Ave in Eugene
I just bought a 1960's home that has a non-vented crawlspace. The crawlspace is used as the plenum for the furnace, however there are tears in the vapor barrier and it is extremely dirty under the house. I would like to know what needs to be done to repair the vapor barrier and clean the whole system.
Vicinity of Harris Street in Eugene
Crawl space sump pump needed for 1 story cottage
Vicinity of in Eugene
Need vapor barrier installed in crawlspace
Vicinity of Honeywood St in Eugene
I want to have my crawlspace cleaned and encapsulated due to moisture and mice making a mess under the house.
Vicinity of Ridgley Blvd in Eugene
Standing water under house. Potential skirt needed around house?
Vicinity of University St in Eugene
We own a SaniDryâ„¢ XP Basement Dehumidifier and we need to replace the filters. Do you sell them? Will you ship them? Cost? Anything else I should know?
Vicinity of McKinley St. in Eugene
I need an approximately sq 1000' crawlspace seal. I plan to also replace the existing insulation with spray foam.
Vicinity of Pierce St in Eugene
I am looking to have the insulation in my crawlspace removed. The crawlspace was encapsulated by you but the insulation was not removed.
Vicinity of in Eugene
My heating guy crawled under the house to look at the ductwork and found pools of water and mice.
Vicinity of in Eugene
Crawl space needs drainage system/sump pump
Vicinity of Empress Ave. in Eugene
Current vapor barrier in our crawlspace needs to redone. It is only 4 mm I believe and in poor condition. Crawlspace is a bit musty. We also need new vents installed. Thanks!
Vicinity of Adams in Eugene
High humidity & odd smell during winter months coming from crawl space.
Vicinity of Clear Lake Road in Eugene
I have a manufactured home where the crawl space vapor barrier and insulation blanket have been damaged by rats. I would like it cleaned out, old insulation removed and resealed and insulated. On a very wet winter, like this last one, the crawl space floor has gotten wet so would like a solution that resolves that. The outside wall of the crawl space is cement block. I would like something that at least gives the equivalent amount of insulation to what was there. Basically I want it insulated, sealed, clean and dry. I am not certain how the rats were getting in there but think it may have been through a drainage pipe. I would like any rodent size access points sealed with hardware cloth or something rodent proof. I think I have exterminated the rats and haven't had any sign of rats for several months now. Thanks in advance for you help. Jon Williams
Vicinity of Cheryl St in Eugene
Dryer vent issues in the crawl space. Cleanup of dryer lint and repair/replace dryer vent. Best contact email.
Vicinity of Willamette St in Eugene
Basement has a wet floor. moisture comes in from the perimeter where the wall meets the floor
Vicinity of Sweetbriar Lane in Eugene
We need to have some repair work done in the crawl space underneath our home in Eugene. First, our sump pump which provided seventeen years of faithful service stopped working last year and is in need of replacement. To handle drainage and keep down moisture through the past rainy season, we located a portable water pump next to the old sump pump. Now that there is only a minimal amount of water to be pumped, July and August would appear to be an ideal time for installation of a new sump pump. Second, we need a new vapor barrier installed and the two existing vapor barriers removed. The top vapor barrier is torn. Beneath it is a layer of silt covering a second vapor barrier that was improperly installed upside down. We would like to take advantage of your offer of a free visit and scheduling an inspection. Thank you.
Vicinity of Figueroa St in Eugene
I have a small area of termite damage and dry rot in my crawl space that I would like to have repaired.
Vicinity of Kodiak St. in Eugene
Selling our house and buyers are requesting a sump pump be installed.
Vicinity of Cross Place in Eugene
Selling this house. Need to remove old vapor barrier, replace w new and tack up insulation and repair/ replace vents.
Vicinity of N. Danebo in Eugene
We had some animals get under our house and rip up the insulation. The animals are gone, but the damage needs to be repaired.
Vicinity of Lakeside Drive in Eugene
Soggy lawn in backyard - some areas are a gushy, muddy mess that your feet sink into. Don't how or if this can be fixed. Would like to talk to someone about possible solutions.
Vicinity of Pearl St. in Eugene
The underground drain that runs from my downspouts and sump pump is damaged or clogged so water is just pouring back into the sump pump and not out to the street.
Vicinity of Summet Terrace in Eugene
I would like to get a second opinion on correcting the crawl space in my house.
Vicinity of in Eugene
I would like to get a quote to waterproof my basement and assess a crack found in the wall
Vicinity of Central Road in Eugene
We are in need of having our crawlspace redone with a proper vapor barrier and insulation. This year we have a ground squirrel (s) who have pulled down and made a mess of the fiberglass insulation. Our crawl space is extremely tight and the home is 1,000 sqft. Thank you!
Vicinity of Alder in Eugene
Standing water in crawl space; insulation needs replacing. Also, do you anchor foundations re: earthquakes?
Vicinity of Agate St in Eugene
I have a basement that is never completely dry, as the water table is higher than the basement floor. Would like to find out if a French Drain could help. I can only meet someone on Dec. 21 afternoon, or all day Dec. 22-23. Thank you
Vicinity of in Eugene
I am having air quality issues in my home and am concerned that it is coming from the crawlspace. I am interested in getting an assessment and estimate when I return from Thanksgiving. I am available to schedule something for the week of December 5th. I will be most available during my travels via email. Thank you.
Vicinity of Marlboro Lane in Eugene
I recently bought a house in south Eugene. The home inspection identified wet and muddy soil under the house in the crawlspace as well as two house supports which suffered water damage and need to be replaced as well as insulation (damaged by animals?) which also needs replacement. Inspections revealed a pre-existing passive drainage system (pipe through the foundation in the lowest/dampest part of the crawlspace) which may or may not be functioning. I would like to have an estimate for the work required to ensure that water does not accumulate under the house.
Vicinity of in Eugene
Smell, animals going underneath the crawl space, feces, insulation repair, and cleaned/ fixed.
Vicinity of Fetters Loop in Eugene
I am calling for our condo association. One of our units has a dead sump pump and there is standing water under the unit.
Vicinity of Marion Lane in Eugene
Would like an estimate for the installation of a vapor barrier in the crawl space of my mom's home, which is pending sale, so time is a factor. PLEASE email me: [email protected] Email is preferred over a phone call. Thank you! Linda
Vicinity of Southview Dr in Eugene
Crawl space can be wet, I think we need a sump pump installed and vapor barrier replaced. There is good ventilation in the crawl space and I think there is no mold issue.
Vicinity of Kristen Ct in Eugene
I have been told by some service providers that our crawl space is difficult to access due to a "beam" located in the crawl space close to the access point. I am wondering if that can be fixed to make easier access.
Vicinity of Timberbrook Way in Eugene
I have a sump pump in my crawlspace that may be non functional.
Vicinity of Fetters Loop in Eugene
A sump pump under a condo burned out and needs to be replace. Possibly the pipe to exhaust the water is clogged with roots.
Vicinity of Mclean Blvd in Eugene
We have a daylite basement under half our house with a sump system currently. We have had water intrusion three times in the last 8 yrs and would like to put an end to it once and for all...
Vicinity of Elysium Ave. in Eugene
I have water in my crawl space.
Vicinity of Westbrook Way in Eugene
Vapor barrier is old, probably needs to be replaced. Sometimes water in crawl space, but no related damage.
Vicinity of Hilyard St in Eugene
I need sump pump replaced, drainage line snaked out and whole system checked out
Vicinity of Harris in Eugene
Some cracking and settling in the home.High water table.
Vicinity of Taylor in Eugene
One room in basement, carpet drenched from recent rains. Crawl space may need water proofing.
Vicinity of in Eugene
We have water coming through the foundation in to the basement.
Vicinity of W Broadway in Eugene
I have a section of my basement wall that needs to be sealed. I have a leak where there is a hole for a water line.
Vicinity of in Eugene
We have a crack/leak during heavy rains in our foundation into a daylight style basement and need to have it excavated, sealed, and drainage put in.
Vicinity of Inglewood Ave in Eugene
We have some cracks in one room and our gutters seem to have shifted a little. We would like to make sure our crawlspace supports in the are solid and not rotting or damaged before making repairs inside. Also, our crawlspace is very tight and difficult to navigate. It has a concrete slap on the bottom and has duct work running through it. It would also be nice to know if new insulation is needed in the crawlspace.
Vicinity of Lambert Street in Eugene
Minor water intrusion in basement; need to have vapor barrier in crawl space re-done (?)
Vicinity of Jefferson St in Eugene
Buying the house at the address above. It has a sump pump, and the current owners say there is usually a "trickle" of water across the concrete basement floor in wet weather. It also appears there is some minor sweating of water through the concrete walls in various corners at times, from the appearance of the concrete. The house inspector recommended you, and also said the leak into the basement mainly seems to be from the concrete porch area, and that it probably needs sealing or a waterproof membrane.
Vicinity of Shirley St. in Eugene
Sump pump for water in the crawl space under the house
Vicinity of Jackson St. in Eugene
Small crawlspace with standing water and stale air
Vicinity of Capitol Drive in Eugene
I am purchasing a home in Eugene and want to complete finish the partially-finished basement.Please contact me about an estimate for installing waterproofing system.My phone number is , email is [email protected] Thanks!
Vicinity of in Eugene
Wetness in one area of the crawl space - does not appear to be adequate drainage or ventilation.
Vicinity of Law Lane in Eugene
Need a quote for a crawl space update. Currently there is no moisture barrier installed but there is a sump pump. Space is 48" in depth. Roughly 2400 sq ft. thanks.
Vicinity of Oak St. in Eugene
We have a driveway and house that sits lower than the street level. We need help to prevent water seeping into home.
Vicinity of in Eugene
We have flooding in the duct work in the slab basement. We have had a leak detection company come and they determined that the pipes which drain from the gutters were plugged. There may be other drainage issues (springs?). The house is on a hill, built in 1976. We need the drainage around the house assessed and redone. I would like you to come give us a bid asap.
Vicinity of in Eugene
Looking for a quote on replacing a sump pump and installing a vapor barrier.
Vicinity of Powell Street in Eugene
I am requesting an estimate for installation of a sump pump under the house in the crawl space and repair to the drain pipe to the curb. Currently, I have a gravity drain which drains to the curb at the street. The drain pipe is plugged and collapsed.
Vicinity of Bentley Ave in Eugene
I would like an estimate to install a sump pump in the crawl space of the house. Please get back to me at your earliest convenience. Kindly, Jewon
Vicinity of Willamette in Eugene
During rainiest weather water seeps into basement apt of triplex
Vicinity of Chula Vista Boulevard in Eugene
Basement area approx. 800+sq feet with water damage: walls leak, floor has seepage on one side (other side has higher concrete floor). Sump pump currently installed to cope with periodic flooding in past. I want it sealed and dry. House built in 1938. 2 upper floors.
Vicinity of Moss Street in Eugene
Old house with basement and a cutout for where a sump pump should be. Basement gets mildly wet a few times in the winter. Can see water in the sump pump hole rise and fall with weather. When can you guys come out and look?
Vicinity of Walnut Avenue in Eugene
Flooding basement: 1. very old sump pump is working but all system is very noisy (water noise). 2. basement floor is wet with leaks along walls of basement and water coming from concrete cracks in middle of basement.
Vicinity of in Eugene
We have a leak on the north side of the finished basement. After sustained rains water comes in, pools by the north wall and seeks the floor drain by the south wall in the unfinished utility area. We need a solution. Thank you.
Vicinity of Brewer in Eugene
We recently had a home inspection done and it was noted that we had a disturbed/damaged vapor barrier. We would like to have someone come take a look at it and provide an estimate of what needs to be done/fixed.
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