Crawl Space Repair Customer Testimonial from Leai L. in Vancouver, WA

IN THE CRAWL SPACE: Removed ALL the old, wrinkled up, dirty (and in some places wet) water barrier; removed all the old debris under the house as well and smoothed out the dirt flooring in the crawl space.  Added a complete sump pump system.  Added a brand new barrier system that went all the way up the side walls. 

OUTSIDE:  Added under ground piping to bring the rain water from the gutters to the back of our property and then replaced all the grass and dirt that had been displaced.
After we had a big shower pipe leak go undetected under our home (until we had a plumber inspect and fix it) my husband hired John's Waterproofing to replace the barrier, add a sump system in case another pipe were to ever break and go undetected. We also decided add in gutter drainage as an additional precaution.
Our only crawl space access is a small door in the floor of a back bedroom so we were concerned about how they were going to be taking out 1300 sq feet of old wet dirty plastic barrier sheeting. The crew arrived promptly and went right to work putting up PROTECTION on every wall and the floor of the back bedroom, and then the floors and walls of the hallway and living room so they could take all the dirty/damaged barrier sheeting outside without getting our freshly painted walls and our brand new carpeting dirty. I was impressed.
Then, the crew split up to complete both the outside repairs and the crawl space clean-up and sump pump installation simultaneously. They were GREAT guys and I really enjoyed their sense of humor and willingness to explain everything they were doing in great detail. They were also very skilled, quick and professional. Gracious even, refusing all offers of beverages on a hot day.
They tested everything out when done and then I was given instruction on the use of the sump pump and the things that it does and could/would do. He was very easy to understand. They hauled ALL the bad barrier and debris away without added cost. When they were gone, there was nothing for me to clean up or wipe down inside or out. I looked in the crawlspace and was SO RELIEVED!!! What a HUGE DIFFERENCE!!! I am so glad we hired John's. I wish I could show before and after photos.
- Leai L. of Vancouver, WA
Wednesday, July 2nd
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