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 At this time, I am comfortable with every aspect of today's appt. I appreciate being provided with reading material, including books, for a more thorough understanding of the problem and potential solutions. I was very happy with the thoroughness of her inspection, ability and willingness to answer all my questions so that I understand the options and costs.  The inspector called before the appt to let me know she would be late and gave me an updated arrival estimate. I assured her that would be fine and she arrived sooner than her estimate. Thank you.
August T. of Cascade Locks, OR
Thursday, December 28th
Aaron was very pleasant and his annual service of my system was amazing. He answered my questions, explained what he had done and even remembered me and my house from when he came out last year. The process has been amazing start to finish.
Joe M. of Welches, OR
Tuesday, September 23rd
Dan,   I just wanted to let you know about the job you did for me at my house on Fernwood Circle. I am thrilled with the way it turned out. Your crew was great - fast, efficient, and Jose (the lead worker) was informative to all questions. The project turned out to be better than I expected.   I'm really glad I found you folks.   Thanks again,   Paul Poitras
Paul P. of Sandy, OR
Tuesday, June 16th
Installed clean space encapsulation, expelled collected water with smart sump pump and installed sani dry mini unit. Larry explained what needed to be done and was very professional. The office staff made scheduling around my time line and everyone was prompt and polite. The quality is hopefully excellent!
Sandra P. of Boring, OR
Thursday, May 16th
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Very informative and prompt ; went ahead with additional services of drainage around the home and installation of a sump pump in the crawl space.
Rhon S. of Camas, WA
Wednesday, December 24th
Good morning.  All of your employees who worked in crews at different times were very friendly and professional.  They knew their task and worked efficiently to complete each step and after completed explained what they had done in terminology I could understand.  There was some difficulty installing the Turtl under the house because of lack of space in the foundation.  Your salesman, Bob McDowell was here the 1st morning  the project was started for a few minutes and said the Turtl couldn’t be used and we would have to settle for a Crawl Space Access Door. This was really disappointing.  I really wanted that easy access under the house.  I discussed this with Ramon ( Supervisor) who studied the issue and found a way to resolve and complete the installation of the Turtl.  When they started work they found that 1 of the heat vent tubes had fallen down, was wet and destroyed.  It would have taken a heating company 3 – 5 days to get here so I purchased materials and his team installed after their work day to keep the project on schedule.  He also asked why we weren’t installing Terra Block on the ground and explained the importance of using this material.  He negotiated a fair price and installed the next day.  Your office staff was great answering questions and coordinating subcontractor work.  I was very impressed with your staff for going the extra mile completing our project.  In just a few weeks our house is warmer, dryer and smells fresher  than it has.  Overall we are very impressed with John’s Waterproofing Co. and will recommend your service to anyone. 
Rogers B. of Camas, WA
Friday, March 18th
My husband and I wanted to write and let you know how impressed we were with the crew that came out. I do not know all of their names, but Francisco Mendoza appeared to be the leader. The three gentleman were extremely courteous, professional, trustworthy and hard-working. The first day, I never saw them even take a lunch. They worked solid. But what impressed us even more was the fact that they were laughing, joking with one another , and singing. Are the while they were working very hard and in difficult circumstances. It is not pleasant in the crawl space under an home. There just is no room. They even apologized to me for the noise when they were going to be making loud noises under my home, whiled was working inside. When they finished each day, they cleaned up everything. They hauled every bit of garbage away.my husband was impressed because on the first day, they even cleaned up the mud on the driveway. The second day, I told them not to do it, because it was getting so late in the day. But I know that they would have still done it. The second day was a repeat of the first. It was raining and not exactly comfortable weather but they still maintained their sense of humor. I could tell they were tired. So I made them sandwiches which they thanked me profusely for. But I never saw then take a break to even eat them, ever though I know they did. Any questions I asked, they answered promptly and expertly. They even told me things that we could do to improve our crawlspace. They made me feel so comfortable, that I even left my home to run some errands while they were there, with my front door wide open. when they were nearing the end, they showed me how everything worked and then graciously repeated everything for my husband a few minutes later when he came home from work. This fantastic crew was the best advertisement of what your company values are and I'm glad we did not cancel. I was so excited to see the water gushing into the street.  
Tony and Debbi R. of Damascus, OR
Friday, November 8th
I give them a five star rating across the board! They had fast contact, the ability to complete the work right away, and the lowest price quote! 
Kelly C. of Molalla, OR
Thursday, August 6th
Thank you for making my home a much more enjoyable place to be. Your company is awesome and I tell all my friends about the great job your guys did. 
Marie L. of Oregon City, OR
Tuesday, October 23rd
Letter from our customer Dear John Lombardi and Robin Eckloff: Please consider this letter as an unsolicited testament and rousing endoresement of the service we received from your Service Technician, Caleb Osborn. As you're probably both well aware, we have had water/drainage problems with our home since we moved in almost 8 years ago. Over the years, we have had numerous companies, including yours, address the problems to try and alleviate our continual wet environment. You installed the CleanSpace Crawl Space Encapsulation System in February 2013. Although this has helped a good deal, we still seemed to have sump pump/drainage problems whenever it rained. The SaniDry dehumidifier system stopped working altogether. The sump pump, on the other hand, ran continually, non-stop, for hours on end even after the rain had stopped. Caleb was tenacious, persistant and determind to find the problems and mitigate our anguish and angst. We found Caleb to be honest, sincere , hard-working but most of all, professional and astute. he diagnosed the problems and quickly determined a correct course of action. he went over the issues with us and quickly set on a plan to rectify the problems. His perseverance and resolve were as if this was his own home. We really appreciated his commitment to excellence and his superior customer service. This is so lacking in many businesses and employees today.  We are both retired from a couple of high level management positions and are well aware of how important it is to have competent and highly capable people not only with the technical skills but also the people skills to match. They are the "face" and best marketing tools of your company. With Caleb Osborn, you have a gem and a definite asset to your organization.  Sincerely,  Jeffrey and Sharon
Jeffrey K. of Vancouver, WA
Tuesday, December 23rd
IN THE CRAWL SPACE: Removed ALL the old, wrinkled up, dirty (and in some places wet) water barrier; removed all the old debris under the house as well and smoothed out the dirt flooring in the crawl space.  Added a complete sump pump system.  Added a brand new barrier system that went all the way up the side walls.  OUTSIDE:  Added under ground piping to bring the rain water from the gutters to the back of our property and then replaced all the grass and dirt that had been displaced. After we had a big shower pipe leak go undetected under our home (until we had a plumber inspect and fix it) my husband hired John's Waterproofing to replace the barrier, add a sump system in case another pipe were to ever break and go undetected. We also decided add in gutter drainage as an additional precaution.Our only crawl space access is a small door in the floor of a back bedroom so we were concerned about how they were going to be taking out 1300 sq feet of old wet dirty plastic barrier sheeting. The crew arrived promptly and went right to work putting up PROTECTION on every wall and the floor of the back bedroom, and then the floors and walls of the hallway and living room so they could take all the dirty/damaged barrier sheeting outside without getting our freshly painted walls and our brand new carpeting dirty. I was impressed.Then, the crew split up to complete both the outside repairs and the crawl space clean-up and sump pump installation simultaneously. They were GREAT guys and I really enjoyed their sense of humor and willingness to explain everything they were doing in great detail. They were also very skilled, quick and professional. Gracious even, refusing all offers of beverages on a hot day.They tested everything out when done and then I was given instruction on the use of the sump pump and the things that it does and could/would do. He was very easy to understand. They hauled ALL the bad barrier and debris away without added cost. When they were gone, there was nothing for me to clean up or wipe down inside or out. I looked in the crawlspace and was SO RELIEVED!!! What a HUGE DIFFERENCE!!! I am so glad we hired John's. I wish I could show before and after photos.
Leai L. of Vancouver, WA
Wednesday, July 2nd
Good reputation, good reviews, good people!
William C. of Ridgefield, WA
Thursday, June 22nd
I visited the company website so I could let company management know how my recent job went but couldn't figure out where to send it. So, if you wouldn't mind, please pass this on to whoever will be interested. As you are aware, my job consisted of crawl space encapsulation with some minor changes requested by me, and a new sump pump system.  While you and I had some minor differences of opinion as to what I wanted done, I want you to know how much I appreciate your working with me to get those accomplished. I am very satisfied with what was done and only wish I would have done it ten years ago. Thank you for a great job.   Secondly, I want management to know what a pleasure it was working with Lupe and his crew. Rodney was there from day one, and I'm sorry that I can't remember the name of the fellow that joined them on Tuesday. All three introduced themselves and were very polite. Everything was cleaned up at the end of the day and my garage was never a mess. Lupe did a great job on new sump pump installation, replacing the entire line from pump to downspout.   And finally, the job was finished in two days instead of three as originally discussed. Lupe sought me out and ask permission to work a little later on Tuesday so the job could be finished. I appreciated that.   So again, thank you and your installation crew for a job well done. I would certainly recommend you guys to anyone who might be in need of such work in the future.
Jim F. of Tigard, OR
Wednesday, June 8th
I don't do Google reviews but the two gentlemen you sent did a great job and they were very nice.   Gayle Kirk
Gayle K. of Portland, OR
Tuesday, July 14th
This dude is just ten kinds of awesome. Much like your entire company, he's simply great. Caleb did a complete servicing today and was more than tolerant of my many questions. He's candid, quick, and smart as can be about this line of work. I'd never been present for a "system test" before, and it's my final proof that this was the best decision I've made in a long, long time.
William D. of Portland, OR
Friday, January 31st
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