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John Lombardi, knows crawl space and basement environments like very few other professionals in the Vancouver, WA area. His company, John’s Waterproofing has been keeping basements dry in Greater Vancouver and Portland, Eugene, Salem, Beaverton OR since 1974!
John was recently featured on the AM Northwest show, where he spoke to Helen Raptis and Dave Anderson about humid, moldy crawl spaces and their impact on homes.
Homeowners tend to mistakenly assume that, because a crawl space is not part of the house, what happens in that area has little to no impact on the rest of the house.
Unfortunately, this can be a rather costly misconception. John explains that, because the air inside any building moves upwards, whatever is found in the crawl space air, is consistently being brought into the living space. About 1/3 of the air a family breathes upstairs, comes straight from the basement or crawl space.
If the crawl space is humid, moldy and smelly the humidity, mold spores and odors are being brought right into the living area, ruining indoor air quality and sometimes triggering mild to severe allergy symptoms in some family members.
To make matters worse, that crawl space air that is constantly infiltrating the home is causing heating and cooling equipment to work harder year round, just to keep the home comfortable.  
Left untreated, mold and dry rot in the crawl space can lead to structural decay. John’s Waterproofing was the first company in the Vancouver, WA area to provide permanent solutions for crawl space problems, through the CleanSpace Crawl Space Encapsulation System -- the most advanced of its kind, developed by the company who pioneered the crawl space technology in the world – as well as drainage and sump pump systems, and the most powerful crawl space dehumidifier available in industry.

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